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UniversitiesOverview: 07.National University for Distance Learning

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07.National University for Distance Learning



UNED is one of the largest Spanish Universities and is devoted to distance learning and continuous education. UNED is one of the largest universities on Europe with about 220,000 students and near 2,500 teachers and researchers and 2,500 administrative staff and around 7,000 second-level tutors. UNED delivers degrees on most disciplines including Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Philology, Humanities, Arts. UNED delivers many open courses for continuous education. UNED is the only Spanish University of National scope and distributed over Spain. The DIEEC is the UNED's Department which attends teaching in the Industrial Engineering School and in the Computer Science School. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has a total staff of 30 people and offer teaching in disciplines that include electronics, automatic control, telematics and computer science.




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