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UniversitiesOverview: 05.Hashemite University

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05.Hashemite University



The Hashemite University was established in 1991 a four-year coeducational institution committed to excellence in teaching and research. Its grand mission is to offer service and consultation to the local community in addition to the larger society, and to be a cornerstone in the accumulative efforts with other sister universities in Jordan to enhance academic cooperation between Jordan and Arab nations and between Jordan and the world. HU actively participates in achieving the goals of the comprehensive national development through preparing men and women who are not only technically competent in their professional fields, but also life-long learners who have a breadth vision, loyalty to their nation, and a sense of civic and moral responsibility and a devotion to the fundamental values of human life. HU is The total number of students in HU currently stands at 20,000 distributed over 11 faculties.



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