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UniversitiesOverview: 02.The University of Jordan

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02.The University of Jordan



The University of Jordan was established in 1962, since then it has applied itself to research and community research knowledge. The University of Jordan offers 63 international programs at the undergraduate level, and 130 international programs at the graduate level in all field of specialization. It offers 30 doctoral programs and 81 master programs. The essential components of most of the programs offered are based on dialogue, applied research, creative thinking, field work, practical training, combined with modern teaching techniques. Since its establishment in 1974, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology has always strived for keeping up with the latest developments in energy applications. Recently, the The University of Jordan merged the Energy Center with water and environment center. It meant to be the source of knowledge and advanced technology in all forms and areas of energy and environment at all levels of national, regional and global. The center focuses on the themes of saving energy, renewable energies and the environmental impact.



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